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Ivomec for heartworm

Im thinking about picking up some Ivomec at Tractor Supply today to use for heartworm medication for my pup.
I know to get the 1% (NOT plus) injectable one, and that the commonly recommended dosage is 0.1cc per 10# or more conservatively, 0.1cc per 20#.

Im a little confused though because I read that the normal amount of Ivermectin in a Heartguard is 272 mcg, and that just 0.1cc of Ivomec has 1,000 mcg.

So im wondering why the recommended dose of Ivomec is so high. Just 0.1cc for any dog would be so much stronger than the Heartguard, so why give more than that?

Wouldn't it just be fine to give 0.1cc (or 0.05 if you could measure it) per dog, as thats still almost twice as much as the Heartguard?

If anyone has experience with giving ivomec to their dogs, I'd love to get some input

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