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Originally Posted by KotaRT View Post
I love elite k9! I have 3 of those things myself without the rope. I haven't tought my dog to fetch properly yet though...ugh...though I really should. Just too darn lazy too sometimes lol. I also got him one of the shammies, and a jute stick from Leerburg I think like 12". I believe Elitek9 has one as well though. That reminds me I need to order my pup a new collar and leash from elite k9! Haha
They have great stuff for great prices, that's for sure. I have a Jute stick from leerburg around somewhere, too. I tend to like wipe-able toys more, though. Blood and jute just doesn't seem to mix, ya know?

I'm also really lucky that I didn't have to teach Patton to fetch, informally. If I throw a toy for him, he brings it back, and is happy to bring this back to me for tugging, too! (better than my almost 2y/o border collie!)

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