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Neighborhood doggie lady: how to approach?

While I was walky doggying Smokey today, a lady that lives about a block away came out with 5 dogs! 2 (smaller side dogs) were in the back of a car. 1 weiner dog ran off to greet another friendly doggie walker. And she had 1 off leash (larger dog) and a poodle by the collar.

I saw her and said 'hi' earlier when she watched Smokey and I ride by the first time around.

I want to be her friend. I want Smokey and Zeeva to socialize with her dogs.

Given that Smokey and Zeeva don't do well with other dogs and that Smokey is pretty male aggressive, do you think I can ask her about her pack? How? A knock on the door? Is that weird? Maybe I should wait and if I see her out again I can approach her? Should I explain our situation and see if it's ok with her to do some kind of meet and greet?

I've seen her once before and said 'hi' (I usually at least atempt to wave or say hi when I'm going around the neighborhood). She seems friendly and always watches Smokey as we ride by...but most people watch us. I think they wonder how the walky dog contraption works. Lol.
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