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She stopped running: walky doggie

Zeeva has been walky doggying with me for a few days. We took a break for a couple days and tried again today.

She refuses to run. In fact she starts walking backwards and nearly slipped her harness today.

I know she knows how to run along side the bike in her harness attached to the walky doggie. We used to run 4-6 miles in Chicago. In Chicago she didn't exactly enjoy walky doggying but she had the stamina and did it regardless. The last time I took her (maybe 2 days ago) she did about 1/4 of a mile then turned home and wouldn't move unless we went toward that direction. The time before that she did about 1/2 mile and turned home; same thing.

How can I build her stamina if she will not run along side the bike any more?

I took her off the walky doggy and I ran with her just fine. But I'm thinking I need to put her in a harness and run with her; then re-train her to run along side of a bike. UGH! I just don't want to do that :c I want her to quickly and naturally have her run in her walky doggy the way we used to run in Chicago.

Smokey, my husky, still runs without any hassle.
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