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Diet suggestions after illness?

Long story really short. Tar had his first real sickness this poast week. Throwing up foamy piles and some undigested food gradually became bloody liquid diarrhea. I had a general knowledge of things to do since I work at the shelter, still scared the poop out of me! He has been on Metronidazole, Para Pectilin tabs, I/D food after fasting. Stool checked for parasites (I went ahead and gave a multi parasite treatment) and Giardia (negative for both.) Precipitating factor could have been marrow bones. I had given both Tar and Jocassee marrow bones all their lives with no ill effects, but for some reason last Sunday (they got two new bones) he got sick. It's possible that he ate both his and Jocassee's. They trade off and "fight" each other over the bones when they are new so it's hard to know. I also gave him a dish of a different food on Sunday morning, mixed half and half with his old food.

I have been feeding the 4Health Weight Management mixed with the 4Health Grain Free Whitefish and Potato. Weight management for Jocassee (who needs to lose) and the whitefish mixed 50/50 so they have the good taste and since Tar doesn't really need to lose. I was almost out and wouldnt' be to Tractor Supply for a couple of days, so I bought some Purina One Beyond and mixed with the 4Health mixture to make it stretch out another couple of days. I can't imagine that that had that detrimental effect. Jocassee was unaffected but has a rot gut stomach anyway.

So now he is pooping almost normally again and has no blood in his stool. Stool is formed and can be picked up with nothing left behind but is soft. No vomit for several days now. Has another day of Metro left and has finished the Pectilin tablets.

He acts fine...fully back to himself. He was definitely OFF for a couple of days. Never got dehydrated or anemic but was tired and almost lethargic.

Vet seems to think a pancreatic episode based on the marrow bones and the fact that she saw a lot of undigested fat globules in his stool.

It's almost time to start transitioning back to real food (Good Lord that I/D is expensive!) and I'm almost afraid. I NEVER, EVER want to see that bloody poop again!

I still have the huge barrel of 4Health mix that Jocassee is eating. Here are the specs of the Healthy Weight 4health? Healthy Weight Formula for Adult Dogs, 5 lb. Bag - Tractor Supply Co. and the whitefish/potato 4health? Grain Free Whitefish & Potato Formula for Adult Dogs, 30 lb. Bag - Tractor Supply Co.

If the incident was a pancreatitis type attack, is the fat content of the food too high? Should I feed the weight management alone? It really has no flavor or smell much and I'm not sure they would even eat it. Or would you suggest an entirely new food? I can't afford to feed the super high dollar foods, so I try to do the best I can for them within my means.

Or should I just start adding some enzymes or supplements and stick with the whitefish/potato alone?

Thanks for your input! He really scared me this week!

Also..does anyone else have any issues with marrow bones? Poor doigs..they love them so much and I'm afraid to give Tar one now.

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