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Hi, how great that you're thinking about how to do stuff right for your pup!

I constantly trot this link out when anybody asks about socialization, because I wish so much I had read it before I got my puppy! Since learning more, I don't see socialization as having a puppy or dog that wants to socialize with everybody and everydog. I now try to see it more as early exposure to all kinds of activities and noises and environments, and letting the puppy be comfortable and maintain focus on me. This helped me so much:

Leerburg | Socializing Puppies

The most valuable takeaway for me was to really pay attention to how my puppy was reacting. If she was avoiding or tucking tail or trying to get away, we were WAY to close for her. Watching things from a distance, i.e., kids on the swings at a park, and taking however long it took to decrease distance and keep her interested but not overwhelmed was key. I didn't do this carefully enough with other dogs, and we had to work through some fear aggression.

Good luck and have fun!
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