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Second Post Hello and Hope Not Goodbye

I'm been lurking here for a few week, but didn't post.

Today we adopted a pb 1.5-2 y.o. male GS from a local kennel. Beautiful dog.

My first post is in the "Aggression section" unfortunately.

I've learned a lot from here, and no matter what happens with this dog, I'll still lurk if nothing else.

A local pound had a pb GS that a local rescue org. referred us to. Male, 1.5-2 y.o.

Went to the pound, dog let me handle him anywhere w/ no issues. Face, paws, tails, very nice dog. I had my 3.5 y.o. with me and the dog was fine with him. We did the-foster-to-adopt paper work. Dog has been with me or wife all day and around the three kids 10,7,3.5.

Dog has separation anxiety and jumped on the window ledge when I went to get a crate and dog food. Wife said while I was gone he just chilled out with her and the 3.5 y.o. and was petted, etc.

An hour ago I was doing homework with the 10y.o. and the dog was leashed at my feet. My 7 y.o. daughter walked through the room and the dog raised up, lunged then growled, and my daughter either fell down or was knocked down by the dog and scraped her arm ( or god forbid was nipped). All this happened in literally .5 seconds behind me. Dog was immediately contrite and remorseful.

Ten minutes later he raised and growled/barked at my 10 y.o. son as my son was leaving the room.

Any thoughts ? Any chance to redeem the dog, or go with my gut and take him back to the pound? See if I can get a GS kennel near by to temperament test the dog?
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