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My 1 1/2 yr old male with 2 month pup.. raising two males

Was wondering on typical behavior regarding a 1 1/2 yr old male with a 2 month...

My boy Oz gets rough.. he will knock him over with his snout, grab him by the neck and pin him VERY GENTLY.. or nibble on his legs and knock him under his feet.

Is he teaching, and moulding him with this type of behavior and being a father figure? And also establishing his pecking order and letting him know hes the boss at the same time?

He is careful, especially watches his footing,a but just wants to constantly play with him and even tries to wake him out of his naps.

Its pretty cute watching him play..

Also, any tips on moulding them together.

I make them drink water out of the same bowl, and share food and toys so far, no problems.

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