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Can't help with the crating, mine aren't crate trained

However with the toilet training, it just takes time and consistency on your part. Some puppies take a little longer to learn. You are doing the right thing by taking her outside when she goes inside - it is important she understands why though. Make sure you take her outside after she has eaten, drank, woken up from sleeping and/or every 2 to 3 hours. Once outside, issue the command 'toilet' (or whatever word you want to use), wait until she goes then make a big deal out of it by telling her good girl in a high pitch voice and treat her. Find a treat that she really likes like chicken or hotdog meat etc and only use this treat for when she goes outside. If she goes in side, don't say anything just pick her up and take her outside and issue command for toilet, stay out for 10 to 15 minutes, if she goes again praise and treat, if she doesn't then go back inside. Eventually she will work it out - that by going toilet outside she gets a yummy treat. Once she is going outside for a while, then you can slowly phase out rewarding her (although you can still praise her).

With the other stuff - she is 8 weeks old and is constantly learning and full of excitement, she needs consistent rules and training from you to help her learn, she will eventually settle down and often the females mature to be quite aloof, so enjoy this while you can

PS - with the nipping, their needle teeth can really hurt and do damage to furniture. I have had great success with stopping this by using Vicks Vaporub. Just put Vicks on your hands, wrists, ankles etc as well as things that you don't want her to chew like her lead, coffee table legs (if won't harm the wood). They absolutely hate the smell and when they go in for a nip, the smell will get to them and they won't bite. She will eventually learn that by chewing on this - it smells awful. Just do not put the Vicks on her or make her lick or eat it.

if your GSD is eating and eating and eating and losing weight - please consider testing for EPI.

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