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Female GS 8 weeks...

Hi everyone , glad to have founded this forum.
I got ourselves ( family ) a beautiful GS sable , she is absolutely gorgeous , great temperament and very docile.
1- Its only been 3 days, we decided to put her in a crate at night in basement , but she whimpers, howls and barks for 2 hours and that is every time shes in the crate !
2- in the house she poops/pees all the time , i gotta follow her everywhere and we she starts squatting , i scoop her up run in the backyard with her and doesnt do it !! lol
3- i try to train her slowly with little treats, by COME and SIT command , but she couldn't care less !!
4- when she is in that excited mood , she goes crazy and bites ( to play ) anything in her passage , chairs, shoes, walls, anything...

Apparently shes from a line of champion from Germany, but dam i am not impress up to now ( i am kidding , i know she is only 8 weeks.....)
Do i need to be more strict with her or shes really too young ??

Any good tips from any of you ? Thank you very much

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