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Poop changes constantly on the same food.

We started giving our pup Canidae at about 9 weeks of age and he's been on it ever since.. (he's 17 weeks as of today) and his poop keeps changing from like.. a normal looking textured stool.. to kind of mushy.. to super mushy.. to kind of runny, and it keeps alternating between those types. or he'll go poop and it'll start out moist with shape and he'll move to another spot to poop some more and it'll just be runny.. or runny with some pieces (i know, kind of gross).. I've also noticed that he will go through like.. 2.5 big bowls of water in an entire day and he isn't too active (don't like to take him out too much since he's still kind of young and is almost finished with his vaccinations), but we try to get in at least 20-30 minutes a day of fetch or something fun.. I also brought up in a previous thread that he really, REALLY smells like a dog who's been running around outside in the sun even though we gave him a bath about 2 weeks ago.. so I don't know if all these things are contributions of something bigger or maybe I'm just over thinking..

He has a vet appointment this weekend, so I'll bring it up.. but in the meantime, should I maybe swap him to another brand of food? Pumpkin? Yogurt? I'm just kind of not understanding why his poop is constantly different as far as texture and what not. Sometimes it looks fine, sometimes it's just runny and gross.. and he has the worst. gas. ever. Ughghghuhguhg.
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