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Back to the Basics...

Gosh... she hates me right now.

I have decided that she's had too much freedom and is taking advantage of it.

So... what are we doing?

She's losing all her freedom and is now on a leash at all times unless she's in her crate, eventually that will extend to off-leash within the backyard as well, but for at least a few more days, just the leash and crate. Just started this like... 20 minutes ago. She's whining and upset and trying to push the leash boundaries.

It'll be like crate training all over again... except I can't just shove her in a different room.

BUT... it'll be good for her. Teach her to pay attention to me and what I'm doing, stick around with me, be calm when I'm sitting and calm. That I'm the only thing that matters in her life.

Eventually she'll have free reign over the house and be let off leash again. But that's not for a while.
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