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questions about a scared dog or is he? PLEASE HELP!!!

I currently have 2 GSD one is a 4 year male almost all black. The problem started at about 18 months and gradually has gotten worse when people are walking by or stop and talk to us the hair on his back stands up and uncontrolled barking like he wants to rip everyone a new one. But anyone he knows he can be the happiest most lovable dog in the world. It is only towards strangers and it is all strangers. We took him to a trainer who thought some good obedience training would do some good but it hasnt helped at all. Now on the other hand if I put a muzzle on him and they leave him alone within a couple hours he warms up to them and is completely fine with no problems. Not sure what else to do. Any suggestions or advice anyone can give would be a great help.
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