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Unhappy Same Sex Aggression?

I am aware of same-sex aggression in dogs but was not aware it was specifically a GSD problem until recently through reading threads on this board.

I have an elderly Beagle/terrier mix ed female who is slowing down, beginning to cataracts, losing muscle tension, etc. I would assume she's alpha for now.

I also have a female GSD who's a young puppy right now. I don't have the best information about her as she was a rescue. Her mother was friendly to people as well as animals from what little I saw. I have no idea about her father other than he was a "large GSD".

Going into this, I assumed the mix would rule the roost until the GSD matures and challenges her. As old as she is, I can't imagine her putting up a "to the death fight" but now I'm concerned that both dogs are female. The mix will roll my GSD if the pup is too rambunctious, now and then she may tell her off with bared teeth but nothing exciting in my opinion.

Can someone with multiple females in the house chime in? Does age difference matter? Is the fighting over dominance the usual battle for it until one submits or do females suddenly start resource guarding and such with other dogs in the house?

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