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Help overcoming fears

We have had our Katie since she was 8 weeks old. In may she will celebrate her 5th birthday. She has always been the best german shepherd anyone could ask for and was very easy to train. However there are two things that make her cower into a corner with fear. One is anything large blowing in the wind like the tarp I keep up to work on cars under. She is terrified just at the site of it. I think its because it ripples when the wind blows through it. The 2nd thing she is terrified of is the buffing pad I buff cars with. If she see's it she turns around and goes the other way. What would be the best way to help her conquer her fears of these things? Would it be best to confront her with them and show her they will not harm her or just let it go and hope she gets used to them in time? She has been scared of them for about 2 years now. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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