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Jager and The Leash

I have had to leash train many, many dogs. It has always been the biggest pain for me, I abore it really. The head throws side to side. The planting of feet. The endless whining. All while you are standing still in the grass looking at them. Waiting. It's always a waiting game, so they realize the leash is not going to hurt them. Waiting.

Jager tumbled around the front yard, having just gotten used to his collar the day before. I attach the leash, and he immediately dislikes it. Whining, biting at it, trying to back out of it.

I encourage him to come to me a few times. At first, there is no response. He is so wrapped up in fighting the leash, he isn't hearing me. Then out of no where, he snaps out of it. He lurches toward me and ignores the leash attached to him!

He has been on 4 walks now. (Two a day.) No problems. None. Has to kind of job to keep up with my normal gate so parts of the walks have been SLOW going, but he walks. As he walks, isn't too shy of passing cars, or people. We haven't passed any other dogs but he is doing really well.

He has also picked up quickly on potty training. He really is an amazing puppy. This breed is everything I remember from my childhood memories, they are intuitive and responsive to subtle corrections...

Now, if i can just find a toy more exciting than a dirty sock, I will be have reached Nirvana.
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