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Dog was trained to chase laser pointers. How do I untrain this?

The previous owner thought it was funny to have his dog chase the laser pointer dot. Now that Kaze is my dog, any kind of shadow or light beam makes him go crazy. He'll scratch at the floor trying to "get to it" or will jump up on the bed to climb the walls scratching to "attack" a shadow or sun beam. I've even noticed that, while outdoors, he'll attack the ground where the shadow appears of my shorts flapping in the wind. It's like he has extreme ADD/ADHD. If I'm working on focus training or a down/stay, and a shadow or light beam appears on the ground next to him, all focus on me is out the window. Before there was ever the thought of Kaze one day becoming my dog, the original owner was showing me how funny it was to watch his dog chase the laser pointer. I told him that I didn't think it was a good thing for him to do to his dog. I saw it as teasing and tormenting a dog, and adding to the dog's instability. Now the dog is mine, and I've inherited this problem.

If I catch him chasing shadows, I do what I can to alleviate the problem. Either I remove him from the room and close the door so he can't get back to it, or I'll close the window curtains/blinds, etc. I want him to not freak out whenever he sees shadows and reflections bouncing around the walls and floors. I am going to try to work harder on focus training, but this bad behavior has been ingrained in him, I'm assuming from back when he was a puppy, so almost 2 years or more now. I'm hoping that he'll eventually forget this behavior as long as I can stay on top of it, and through focus training to correct it, and by reassuring him that everything is OK, even when shadows and beams are flickering all around him.

Have you guys ever dealt with this?
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