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reaction to anesthetic?

Sorry if this is in the wrong place, just wanted to see if anyone else had experienced this before. We took our pup in today to be spayed and we got a call from the Vet a few hours later saying she had a reaction to the anesthesia. Basically her heart rate went up and breathing became laboured so they didn't go ahead with the surgery. She said (via the Vet nurse) she would try again with a different anesthetic in 10 days but will do tests the day before. It's made me quite nervous now. My partner was angry that the Vet didn't see us herself when we came by as we had questions, so we're still not understanding what it all means. I'm reading info online blaming the Vet for these things, saying it's typically something they've done wrong. She's the only Vet we have as we live rural. Hoping others may have some personal experiences with something like this? I'm nervous about sending Zelda back next week.
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