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Question muscle atrophy from broken limb

At 13 weeks my youngest GSD suffered a broken tibia in one of her hind legs when my male (who is huge) crashed into her by accident. I knew it was broken the minute i picked her up and wasted no time getting her to the vet.

The vet said it was a complete fracture. She splinted it and said that it looked like it would have a great chance of having a good out come after it healed. It was completely healed after being splinted for 4 weeks, in that time she more than doubled in size and I made sure to keep up with getting her splint changed as she grew.

The new xray showed that her bone was healed but still a little "thin", as well as her muscles had suffered muscle atrophy. I give her a calcium supplement (from the vet) daily. She is on Purina Proplan chicken and rice puppy food. The vet is happy with her weight and the choice of food.

Her splint has been off for almost a week now. She will put a little weight on it but for the most part she still doesn't. (I'm not expecting her to be perfect right away...)

Does anyone have any experience with trying to build up muscle and help with a leg that has been injured? None of my dogs have ever suffered a broken anything before.

I was recommended by the vet to message it daily and try to take her on "slow" walks to get her to put weight on it, but it doesn't seem to make a difference...she still just holds it up.

Will her "thin" leg just catch up?

Any suggestions on adding anything to her diet?

I'm just looking for things to help her as she grows, she is still young and i'd kick myself if i didn't give her the best chance now and end up paying for it later in life!

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!
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