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New strain of Parvo

Just saw this on Facebook. Does anyone have more information?

"FYI huge parvo outbreak in SoCal we have lost two dogs and have a third in er... Our vet said to warn all rescues about it as there's a new strain that attacks and kills dogs rapidly worse than all other strains. Yesterday, Romeo a five mo old pup we have went into full blown seizure and bled and peed all over. I took him to our vet to get checked out for lethargy and we ended up with him seizing and having blood and urine come out of his body from both ends he went up to a 107 temp from seizure and passed away on the vet table after trying everything to bring him back he wouldn't come back he is the second one to contract the virus from my rescue that hasn't lived... Three other rescues also had dogs die this week. He is sending samples of their blood to be tested to try to help get a cure in the future for dogs. There is NO vaccine for this parvo strain immediately start vet treatment if dogs show following signs: excessive drooling, runny nose, weight loss or loss of appetite, kennel cough, immobility, fever... The photos below show a rapid decrease in health within only two days time frame watch your dogs for any signs of sickness and take them in immediately with even the slightest problem!"
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