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Talking Guess what a neighbor a few houses down, said about Zelda

She said and i quote, "Oh you have the most well behaved German Shepherd I've ever seen what a beautiful dog." (Note: In case you don't know Zelda is by far the most well behaved GSD.. lol! Lets see FA, SA, prey drive to cats, bossy girl, looks like she is about to kill other dogs, shall the list continue?) I was thinking either she hasn't met too many GSD's or she has a low expectation of a well behaved dog..

I said.. "Why thank you! But she really does have quite a few behavioral problems, i just try my best to manage and train the best i can." (And i mentioned some of them)

She said, "Well you must put a lot of work into her than!" Yes i do.. but i can ALWAYS do more. And i'm getting into another training style, its interesting how my training style has developed since i've gotten her.

Anyways, it was very nice to hear that Zelda doesn't look like a menacing maniac out in public, i try my best and she does too i'm sure.
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