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GSD Foster Behavior Question

Hi all!

My husband and I are fosters for our local humane society and have recently taken on fostering a 2 year old, male German Shepherd. We are struggling to find ways to keep him happy throughout the day. We would like to take him running but he is not good with walking on the leash yet (he has no obedience training so we're working on that right now) and we're afraid that if we start running with him, he'll just take off (and we're sure he's much faster than us!). We've tried playing fetch with him but he has no interest in any toys (tried squeaky, rope toys, balls and stuffed toys). We tried creating a brain game by stuffing an empty crumpled water bottle with treats but he is ignoring that as well, even after we showed him how pushing it will let treats come out.

Any ideas for how to stimulate the brain of a dog who appears to be uninterested in toys?

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