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Question about Pano

My 5 month old female came up lame 3 days ago. Quite suddenly she was unable to put weight on the left hind, and kept crying out. We immediately went to our vet. He seemed to think it was either an acute injury or pano. I had been with her constantly and saw no injury. She had eaten, so he scheduled her to be sedated for,xrays this coming Tuesday, and gave us some rimadyl. It has been three days, and she has had no improvement. She will just lay on her bed. She goes out, but that's it. Just doesn't want to walk. Rimadyl does not seem to be helping. I am worried it is HD. But she showed no signs of it prior to this. However, she would bunny hop stairs, but 3 at a time. My question is: Does this sound like Pano? Is there something else I can do to help her? Should I apply heat or cold? Any suggestions or advice is greatly appreciated.
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