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GS losing weight, soft stools

Our beautiful Shelby started losing weight about 2 months ago.
We took her to the vet last month and he was shocked about how much she has lost which I think was about 10 to 15 lbs. Her stools are very soft and very heavy. The vet did a stool sample and blood test. Both were negative.
No parasites or worms. Took her to another vet this month and she prescribed antibiotics and probiotics. Three weeks later, her condition has not improved.
Her energy level has not diminished however. She still loves chasing things going on runs and playing with her step sister.
Only possible connection we can think of is that just prior to this, she ate almost a whole container of those dog jerky treats in one day. She has also stolen several cans of cat food and opened them up with her teeth. Also, she has eaten whole bars of soap, feminine napkins, tubes of toothpaste and other stuff.
Any ideas please? We're taking her back to the vet but really worried about her.
Thank you so much for any input.
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