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my first gsd lab mix at 14 weeks and she is scared of everything.

Good morning,

Im happy this site is here because im a bit dumbfounded.

I just purchased a mix. The father was s purebred mother was a lab. I purchased her from an amish couple and the conditions were as follows.
a runner leading into a 12x8ft shed.
brother and mother were also in the runner.
here is the big issue. First she doesn't really even know what grass is so she is hesitant to walk on grass but dirt is ok.
she is afraid of everything. If I go outside and sit in my chair she will walk up and sit next to me. She wont come out of her crate so I have to pull her out. Sames goes for putting her back in. She doesn't seem to have the explosive energy my neighbor s do.
shes up to date on shots.
But I would like some advise and maybe a reason for her behavior/how/when I should work on it.
right now I am taking her out out of her crate. Leading her outside for 2 hrs and bring her back inside her crate for an hour. Then I do it all over again.Thus im trying to get her acclimated to going outside snd her safe zone(crate)

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