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Oh I'm sorry, I misunderstood, you wanted to make payments before picking the puppy up!

I would still suggest making the payments to yourself/puppy fund and then paying in full at the time you pick the puppy up.

Like LaRen notes, things can happen with the litter, the mom, the pups and it's just a cleaner, safer transaction to pay when you pick the pup up.

eta, and given the good breeders often have waiting lists and require deposits it *tends* to go hand in hand that a reputable breeder will request a deposit.

Originally Posted by Girl_Loves_Hydraulics View Post
OK thank you, that clarified some questions I had. Deposits are not an issue to me, as long as I know the breeder is reputable. So paying for a puppy in advance before a litter is born is not a preferred method then?
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