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Etiquette when contacting breeders?

I hope I'm not all over the place with this post...I have a tendency to over think things but hey. So, I've been doing some research for the past month on the GSD breed and breeders in my area (I happen to be located in Metro Detroit). I've reached out to a few individuals, but in reading more, I have started leaning more towards a "quality" choice then someone who breeding just to turn a dollar. I really haven't decided what the best choice for me is yet, but starting to form an idea. What I want to know is if there is a generalized way that breeders prefer to be contacted? Are there certain things that turn you off to a prospective owner? The reason I am asking is since I am newer to this avenue (the dogs I've owned in the past were either dogs that just happened on our door step or my mother brought them home), and have never done this personally. Also, is it unheard of to sort of make payments towards a future puppy? I figure that once I find the breeder that fits me best, I don't mind waiting. I know that sounds odd, but that way I can take my leisure on payment, and I get the exact companion that fits me.
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