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New Training Starting Tomorrow

Well, a few weeks ago we had a trainer over and discussed training Cruz and decided to go with him. Now tomorrow is our first session. E-collar is utilized. We'll see how he reacts and I'm as in the dark on this as the dog. So it will be a learning experience for all of us. It is in home or where ever we want it to be. He gave us that option. Any where from home to the dog park. He said it didn't matter. I think we'll start out at home so he doesn't get totally stressed out at first intro to the e-collar. That and it's suppose to rain tomorrow.

Meanwhile, we have been using a prong for walks only. I think I'm starting to see results. We took about a mile and half walk tonight and he only came out of heel twice and at that, it wasn't much out of heel. He seems to be getting the idea now about just walking past the dogs barking at him. He still can't help but react to a few but it's much toned down compared to where it was.
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