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Question Anal Gland issue… Is it the Orijen?!

I just switched my 4 month old pup, Loki from Diamond Naturals LPB to Orijen LBP 10 days ago… within the next few days I started to notice he had that fishy anal gland smell, has been licking his butt, and squeezing liquid out before he eliminates.. (yukk sorry, tmi) Its been more noticeable the last few days… The only other thing thats been different diet wise is i have been giving him carrot for treats… he goes nuts over them! Also stopped giving a small spoonful of greek yogurt per day.

So I was wondering if I should suspect the Orijen? I sure hope not after I spent all that money on a much higher quality food that he loves! He seems to be doing very well with it besides the anal gland issue… firms poops (and less of them), no itching, gobbles it up!

And also, should I take him to the vet to expel it or see if it resolves? It doesn't seem to bother him so much at this point.

Any input would be greatly appreciated
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