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GSD + which other breed?

I have an 18mth old GSD bitch and an 11yr old male dog. She has some reaction issues with other dogs but we're making good progress and I'm hopeful we're heading towards having a happy social dog. She loves dogs as soon as she's realised they don't want to kill her and tries her best to cuddle up with our grumpy old dog and cat. We had another young up until last year but he passed away from a medical condition. They were great together and loved playing together. So we have decided to get another dog next year but I can't decide on a breed and I'm looking for some advice.

We love our GSD and will likely always have one but I feel we would be better with a calmer breed to go a long with our GSD. I've had English Pointers before and I love their energy and calm gentle natures but my husband doesn't like them. My husband really like german short haired pointers but I think they're too mad.
Our criteria is this -

No smaller than a spaniel
Able to go for regular runs and hill walks
Docile, biddable and easily trained.

I know there will be variation within breeds but has anyone any suggestions?

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