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Question A not so good day...

I know there will be up and down days for Finnick's behavior because he's still settling in, I totally expect that

But today...he's driven me mad. It's probably due to the fact the I feel really ill today and it's only been me and him. He's 9 weeks old, so he's still only a baby.

He's been with us for almost a week now he's been so good, he's so calm and placid, couldn't have asked for a more lovely pup! But today he's had such a boisterous day :\ normally he backs away when I tell him not to mouth (he's been really good for that) but today he is chewing everything in his path, and biting my hands/clothes/hair (he pulls it because I have long hair!), when I try to stop him with a firm "AUH" (don't know how to spell it but it's just a random noise that has been working great with him), he has totally ignored it today and it makes him even more excited and does it more

In these days when he's over flowing with beans, is it best to just re direct his mouth to his toys instead of vocal commands? I don't want to cofuse him, but he's just not listened at all today. Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow and can handle him a bit more...maybe he sensed I wasn't myself?

Advice would be appreciated
Thanks x

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