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Originally Posted by GSD Fan View Post
I am going to use a canned food and a fried food. I am going to use canned chicken and dumplings and a hamburger.

Example 1: I just paid $3 for 1 can of chicken and dumplings that provides 3 meals.

Mother's thoughts:
"You can make them at home. Buy the flour, the chicken noddle soup, the chicken. You'll get more than 3 meals. I had to buy for a family, so I needed 5 meals for everyone in the household at dinner time. I also used my flour to fry chicken and on other types of foods I cooked."

My thoughts:
"A sack of flour around here is $2-$3. Campbell's Chicken noddle soup is $1.50 per can. A whole chicken unbaked or not cooked costs $3-$4.

I spent $3 for 3 meals, and you just spent around $7 for 5 meals. If you do the math mother, I just came out better.

Example 2: I went to a place called Sonic's and bought 1 Supersonic double cheeseburger for $5. It is 1200 calories, enough for 3 - 4 meals.
I think with fast food you probably can buy cheaper but get lower quality. When we make chicken and dumplings it is with chicken stock cubes (which is cheap), the flour you just bought is good for a lot more than one recipe, and I would bet there is more chicken in one chicken than several cans of the store bought chicken and dumplings.

I would bet the 5 meals your mother made were much bigger than you splitting a can and had a lot more chicken each. We just cooked a small chicken and 5 of us each had a large serving and then we picked the bones and had plenty for chicken salad.

One way to save money and eat quality is to cook dried beans! Soak overnight. We did that when our kids were small and we had no money. A lot of lentil soup, lentil loaf, vegetarian chili and it was all good. If you have an Aldi's you can get some great deals on staples.


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