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Originally Posted by gsdsar View Post
My limited experience with Boerboel tells me that they are NOT for the feignt of heart. Very very protective, inaccepting of new animals or people. Not an easy breed.

I like the Leonberger and second the Dogue de Bordeaux.

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Oh I see... Would they maybe be okay with animals they were raised with from puppies?

Originally Posted by Pax8 View Post
What experience do you have? What kind of dogs have you raised and have you done any sort of competition before?

Just off the top:
-Shar-peis are notorious for serious skin conditions and allergies

-Boerboels, while relatively low energy in my experience, need expert socialization and training. Otherwise they can be extremely aggressive and have a tendency to take a situation into their own hands which can end badly. Even with proper socialization, they have a tendency to be a bit stand-offish to new people and things. I would not recommend this one unless you are VERY experienced with large, natural guarders.

-Newfies and Leos both tend to be pretty laid back. They both can have pretty short lifespans and they have the general health problems of large breeds, namely hips and eyes.

I have Eko, my GSD, he is fairly DA but he does well with puppies and some female dogs. I also have my APBT mix, she is very dog friendly. Both of them are wary of strangers but are ok once they spend some time with the person. I also owned a golden retriever before, she was friendly all around

I've never done any kind of competition before, that's why I am thinking of buying the pup a few years from now and spending this time researching the breed and going to some shows to see what it's all about. There was an AKC show recently in my area and it looked like so much fun!

Shar peis are probably at the top of my list right now, but the allergy and skin issues could be a problem. I am already dealing with serious allergies, epilepsy, and incontinence with my APBT mix I am hoping to find a breed that I won't have to take to the vet as much as Xena.

Eko is what I would probably call my first guarding breed, so I don't have a whole lot of experience with that. Boerboels sound very intense!

That's the only thing I don't like about the Newfs and Leos, they don't live very long and I don't want to get another dog that will pass around the same time as Eko and Xena. I couldn't handle losing 3 dogs close together

Originally Posted by Pax8 View Post
Dogues are pretty neat dogs. I don't know too much about their health issues besides normal big dog issues. I do love their temperament though.

So far I have heard they are very sweet dogs they are high up on my list too.

Originally Posted by Chip18 View Post
I love Bully breeds myself and would love a Boeboel but that is a serious, better have your crap together dog! Someone on here has one but I can't remember who?

Not a fan of Shar Pei or Chows myself, think they are both pretty much the same.

Newfies are pretty much gentle giants. Leonberger don't know but in general the Newfies was breed to "save" people the others you listed..not so much!
That's the impression I'm getting now... They may be too much for what I'm looking for.

Seems like people either love shar peis, hate them, or don't know anything about them lol!

Newfs look like really really great dogs. I met one once and it was a very nice dog

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