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Originally Posted by David Winners View Post
Hey Brother,

I have some of the same issues in crowds. Mine was far worse in the first 6 months after deployment, but has since tapered off to a very manageable level. My VA Counselor helped me with some calming exercises. I know that I experience none of these symptoms when I have my dog with me. I think you may benefit greatly from having at least an emotional support dog.

If your PTSD is in your records and service connected, you can get a Service Dog. You may qualify for a donated dog as well. There are a couple of organizations doing this. I will have a look around and see what I can find. It's been a while since I read about them.

Here is something to look at too:
Well i was separated for a service related injury and failed to file with the VA before being separated. (I had no idea what to do) So Iíve been dealing with the VA with my injury and it took them 2 years and they denied me once before they finally recognize my injury was really service related even though it was well documented. When i was finally seen by a Doc they dismissed my PTSD, but i havenít refilled yet. Iím still dealing with them but itís almost impossible to actually talk to the person you need to talk to. Iíve been talking to my personal doc about some of this stuff because Iím not gonna wait for the VA.

My PTSD isnít documented other than when I filled with the VA. Again, Iím still working with the VA but itís one road block after another it seems like. Thanks for the information and ill look into emotional support dogs. Maybe ask my personal doc to see if itís something he can help me with.
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