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Originally Posted by Germanshepherdlover2507 View Post
Rosco is currently 4 months 4 days old. He weighs 36.4 pounds. He is a SL. I hear d that SL shepherds are usually bigger than WL? Anyway I just wanted to know if he's a good weight. We feed him 2 cups and a bit twice a day. Is that enough for him or too much?
thanks guys
My male GSD puppy weighs 20lbs at 13 week and I also thought it was a little small but the doc said that they don't stop growing till at least a year old. Also he said mine will be more lean, so it may be diff with yours. But 36lbs sounds about right for a 4 month old GSD. Just my opinion though. You can go to google and search GSD weight chart and it'll give you the average weight of pups to adult.
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