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Service Dog?? (moved to service dogs from gen info)

A little back story: Iím a veteran and since I got out Iíve noticed a few things but one big thing. I HATE CROWDS!!! Itís not only a hate, when I go anywhere that I know will be somewhat crowed I getting really bad anxiety and once Iím there I tend to have a little panic attack. I mean Iím not running outside screaming but I find myself constantly looking around, checking people out, looking for the closest exit, and feel trapped. I have found that when I do take my dog with me in public places I feel secure, like I have someone watching my back, that mind sound stupid because itís a dog but I donít know how to explain it better then like a Battle (Battle is a term we used for Battle Buddy). I have a friend with a PTSD dog and itís got me looking onto it. Heís training his dog himself for crowd control and other things but I was wondering if anyone had any information on how one would even start to see if they qualify to have a service dog and if they do how do you get the proper certification?
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