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Lesson Learned

I had one of the strangest days ever. It started with me going and buying Gunther a new reflective orange collar he can grow into, a tractor tire, and a prong collar for when we take him on his first walks to the beach. When I opened the Jeep door to get his leash out he leaped into the jeep so I figured, eh why not? I gathered the other dog, locked the house, and headed to the beach. We got there and it was closed. (they are busy trying to ensure there are no more sinkholes since a child died last year) So I took the boys to this trail I had never been too that I thought went into the woods. After not very far I noticed poop everywhere and coyote fur. I then got my boys out of there and headed to the park with a creek. We were walking down the ramp bridge when a guy with his dog came up behind us fast and Gunther spun around so fast he knocked Cyclone right off the bridge. Cyclone wears a harness especially because of incidents like this and it was only about 4 feet to the ground so he was lowered down gently. Meanwhile, this guy starts freaking out and trying to be helpful, leans down with his dog next to me. Gunther is now trying to play with the other dog and he almost falls off the bridge. The guy goes down the bridge to call Cyclone to level ground where he can get back up and I take the opportunity to do the same, only further up the bridge away from the guy and his dog. I finally get the boys gathered and we continue walking. Then I'm a little ways into a different trail and realize that I really need to go to the bathroom and my Jeep fob is not in my pocket. So the hubby left work early and let me in the jeep then I headed home to take care of the first problem and then had to drive all the way back to the creepy trail to find the fob. Luckily it all worked out but I definitely learned that I can not handle the two dogs on my own. I felt bad and thought they didn't have any fun so I gave Gunther my steak bone tonight and Cyclone got the grizzle.

Hail Gunther 7-2-2013

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