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Breed Restrictions & Solutions

Keeping it brief...interested in opinions/experiences:

I have a Service GSD (Registered w/ state), moved into a condominium complex, realized that there is a restriction on "aggressive breeds". Went to HOA board meeting, told them that my dog is a service dog, and that the dog is registered. They told me no need to show any proof/documentation, and the next day sent me an e-mail telling me my appeal to the HOA / Management Co. has been denied, and the dog must be out in 7 days. (funny huh?).

I followed up with the gentleman who registered my dog with the state (health and human services), and he e-mailed the management co. and HOA board that the dog is registered, and he is allowed to stay by law.

After speaking to the guys who run the management company for my building, they said "we still need to have the board vote on this matter, to see if we let you keep the dog here".

Very interested to see what they say...if they say no, i guess DOJ/HUD/Health & Human services files inquiry.

Anyone had similar experiences? Results? Solutions to the B.S. Aggressive Breeds rules?

P.S. Since this is my 1st post, i figured I would post up a pic of the culprit.

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