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Originally Posted by gsdemack View Post
There is a guy around my town whom I kind of know. I have a bitch that's 1.5 years old and he has a male that's 1 year old.

He has said to me once or twice that they should mate to get some pups of which I have no interest in. He's just mentioned it and isn't putting any pressure on or anything.

I met him a while ago and he said that it's good for them to have pups once anyway to allow them to be what they are for - a mother. It's a part of them.

What do people think about this?

I think he's just trying to talk you into it. Be careful--I don't know if he would be this unscrupulous, but I once had a man throw his female over our fence when she was in heat, but my male's recall was rock solid, and I called him to me, took him inside. I went back outside and told the jerk he'd better get his dog and if he did it again, I'd pick her up and deliver her to the pound myself (I wouldn't really, but he wouldn't see her again!).

What I do know... I had a female whose hips were marginal, and her breeder asked me to let her go through at least her first heat period before I OFA'd her (I was going to spay her anyway). She felt that the benefit of the hormones might help her hips tighten up a bit (as it was she OFA'd only fair). As far as having a litter of puppies, hmm, I just don't think that's going to make a bit of difference to her. It's up to you to make her life enjoyable, puppies or not.

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