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6 month old biting

Hi everyone. I got my girl when she was 12 weeks old and she turns 6 months in just 2 days. Shes atleast 50lbs already and all muscle. She has some behavior problems of course due to her age but the one I'm worried about is her mouthing\biting.

She's been a mouther\biter since the day I got her and while it isn't nearly as bad as it used to be she has adult teeth now so it hurts. I always think that shes just playing or using her mouth like a puppy would and that she'll grow out of it but this past week at our training class the trainer said my dog is lowering her lip and that = bad problems. I'll admit something was wrong with her that day at class, it was out 6th week and she was perfect at the last 5 classes but for the entire hour she just bit the heck out of me and was insane, the trainer had me do the "claw" like cesar does but when I do it she doesn't even notice, she cries when the trainer does it though.

Since that night of training she still bites\mouths but most of the time its just putting my arm in her mouth and using no pressure at all, sometimes she does use some pressure but she never comes close to breaking skin. For the past few months I've tried crying like a puppy when she bites me, that just gets her more excited and when she is excited is when the mouthing becomes a problem. I've tried redirection with toys but now I really think that she has learned to bite when she wants a toy... The trainer has me sprayed a mixture of lemon juice\water into her mouth when she bites and saying "don't bite." This stops it for awhile but not for long. Btw the bottle is put in the mouth and sprayed, 0% of it getting in her eyes but I still don't really like it but it is the only thing that works for me atm.

She wants me to hold her on the ground and do the "claw" but the claw has no effect when I do it and she just flies around the ground and I just up just holding her down by the head and chest until she calms down. I feel really bad doing this to her and I think its wrong so I haven't been doing it much lately. Besides it hurts my bones to be down on the ground like that. Does anyone have any other ideas on what to do? I really think its just something she'll grow out of like my other dogs did but my trainer doesn't think its acceptable at this age. I really like my trainer but this is the one thing I guess we don't agree on.
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