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Question Unsure what I am not understanding...

Hello all,

I'll try to make this all short and sweet in hopes more experienced owners might have some tips for me.

The Culprit: Fawn (female, 16 weeks, my first GSD, adopted at 10 weeks, shares house with older beagle)

#1- The Outdoor Kennel: Fawn is crate trained. She sleeps/enjoys chews/stays in it when we're out without complaint. I wake once at night to take her out, it's rare she fusses in there. I tried the same positive association tactic with the outdoor kennel (larger, covered roof, located in backyard) and she just is not having it. She will howl in it, with or without a treat, if I am in the yard or not, non-stop. Am I expecting too much for her age?

#2- Physical Affection: She really only lets me pet her in the morning. She likes a short belly rub, paw giving and occasional arm hugging (she was bottle raised for a few weeks before being weaned). Any other time she gets mouthy or wiggles away to do her own thing. Should I be attempting to entice her into more affection so that she's accustomed to it? Or should I let her have her space?

#3: GSD is smarter than Me: I have taught Fawn "Off" to get her feet off the couch/my bed/etc as well as "Place" to go lay on her bed or a towel. She will do both these things for treats. However, now when I tell her "Off", she will get down and go lay on a bed. Great! Lately, she will even put her paws on my bed and before I can even tell her "Place", off she goes to lay down herself. I tried ignoring her and not rewarding this little game of hers and she barks like crazy at me and wanders between laying in her bed and jumping up on the bed. What am I doing wrong?

Thank you for any and all help!

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