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My dog bite me..

My dog does growl when eating his food and chewing his bone but only when you look him in the eye. If you walk by him minding his own business hes fine.

He was chewing a bone and I tried to take it away. I completely forgot he growls and just went for it, (it was in his paws and he was lying down). As soon as i did he growled and bit me on my left arm. It lasted about 2 secs then he let go. I grabbed his collar and put him in the kitchen and told him off.

My dad said hes done this to him before but at the time i didnt believe it.
Hes never showed any other agression. You can touch him all over and if he doesnt like it he'll just move.

How should i act about this? He's two years old and not neutered. Hes in a household with 2 men. Does him not being neutered affect this?

What steps can i take now? will neutering help?
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