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Default It's OFFICIAL! We finally adopted KamiKAZE. Newest SAR pics:

Such a handsome fella! I love my Kaze. Formerly known as Ozi, which means "strong" in Hebrew, I changed his name to Kaze, short for Kamikaze, to ease transition of training and focus so he knows I'm still talking to him. It's working out perfectly. I didn't really like the name Ozi, as it always makes me think of Ozzy Osbourne, whom I'm no fan of. But I wanted to pay homage to his origins, so I added "the Strong" after Kamikaze, as well as the translation of kamikaze that I prefer: "Spirit Wind". If you met him, you would understand how the full name fits him. He's big, strong, crazy, and won't stop moving, much like the wind. He runs laps and circles around my yard and tires out my tireless Siberian Huskies.

He's 2 years old and has very little training, other than learning some basic tricks (shake, high five, etc.), which I have no use for. I've been taking him out to train and socialize. He also came to us underweight with ribs showing. We've had him for 3-4 weeks now, which is why I disappeared from this board for a bit. My hands have been full trying to get him caught up on 2 years of missing out on MY LOVE. I've also been exercising him and feeding him to build strength, muscle and fat to get those ribs to disappear. Here's what he looks like today:


NARA Simha Devi Vom Engel {female GSD} 11/22/07
KamiKAZE [the Strong] Spirit Wind {male GSD} 12/5/11
PAW PAW Storm Shadow {male Siberian Husky} 12/4/07
Sir BEOWULF the Brave {male Sibe | Malamute | Wolf} 5/5/10
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