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Originally Posted by Ellimaybel View Post
I wish I had a way to show you all what I just saw. It cracked me up. Gunther is on the couch next to me so me being who I am, I covered him up with "his" blankets (don't ever try to take his blankets, he'll rip them off of you). I heard him talking to me in his grunting tones and looked over. His entire body from tail to muzzle was covered in blankets and only his eyes looked at me making his puppy groaning noises. I lost it, laughing my butt off and then giving him hugs which made him groan louder.

What are some of the situations your puppy gets himself into that make you "LOL"?
When I go to feed Heinz he'll howl and howl until I put his food bowl down. It cracks me up I must say... He also sleeps in the bed with me sometimes and when I wake up Heinz will be curled up by my head sound asleep, it's so cute hahahaha
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