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new to prong collar, a few questions

I never wanted to use a prong collar because of how they look like torture devices. Ive tried just about every other collar/harness and my 6month gsd still pulls wildly. I tried a flat collar, choke collar, e-collar, easy walk harness, the gentle leader, etc. She is so reactive to everything outside. I happened to come across a web site that changed my entire view on prong collars. Well, we ran out and bought one. I got a medium for my 55lb dog. I had to take several links out. I have it fitting pretty snug, but while walking her, it keeps rotating and I have to keep adjusting it. I dont want it pinching her trachea. Im afraid if I take another link out it will be tight enough to pinch her while getting it on her. She hates us putting collars/harnesses on in the first place. They say you should be able to fit 3 fingers under the collar than why is it rotating? Also, it worked wonders the first few times, but today she just started pulling and pulling hard. We did everything the trainers say to do to train with the collar (quick correction). Why would a dog pull on a prong collar? Could she be descensitized already? I loved the results, but want them to continue. They suggest hooking it to a collar incase a link comes undone. How can it come undone? Looks pretty sturdy.
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