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Originally Posted by SunCzarina View Post
3 1/2 is a little young for that diagnosis.

Did he take xrays to rule out a spinal cord issue or hip problems?

How did he test her for DM? There is a blood test but it's inconclusive - the test can tell you if she has the markers for DM but it can't tell you if she's affected by it.

There's a simple test you can do at home - take her hind foot and knuckle it under so the foot is resting on the fur ontop her toes, not on her pads. If she leaves it like that, DM. If she moves it back immediately, not.
No Xrays. He didn't do any tests, just a physical examination, nothing more. He said he was able to rule out a disc issue in her back based on what he did. He also doesn't believe it's hip related due to her symptoms and how she responded to his tests.

He did do that toe test you mention, and she immediately put her foot back to normal. He did it several times with each foot and not only did she very quickly put her foot back to normal, but she was resistant to even let him put her foot like that. She definitely never drags her foot. As I said, her only symptom is this sudden weakness, and when I did some research into the diagnosis he gave me, I **** near broke down.

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