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Please Help 7 week old puppy w/ weak hind legs

Our new puppy Samson Ebert Puckett is having some issues with his hind legs.

Please see video on link below and advise your thoughts.

So far, we have taken him to the vet, she advised some pain in his hips when extending his legs.

We are taking him to 2 Hands, 4 Paws in LA for a 2nd opinion on Monday, but wanted to reach out to the knowledgeable forum for your advice.

Samson has a bad front right paw from an injury last week that seems to keep getting hurt. Hurt himself nipping at my neighbors dog's feet yesterday. She came down on him, mostly on his bad paw. I think the fall might be what is hurting the little guy.

Am I freaking out, or should I get him X-rayed???

Please keep in mind last night and this morning he was hardly able to walk.

Energy still seems kind of low also.

Thank you for all your help in Advance.
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