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Oral flea control... Trifexis??

So, last week, my vet convinced me to buy Trifexis for heartworm and flea control... It would be very nice if for flea control because Im living in Houston for the next few months and I take my dog is always picking up fleas!

However, I am a little disturbed about a pesticide staying in his blood for a whole month!! Is there any kind of research that shows that this does not affect the health of the dog?
Also, I read so many horror stories of dogs having seizures or dying from it. My vet convinced me that it is totally fine and dogs very rarely have these kinds of issues. But im still a little scared to give it to my pup!

So if anyone on here has had positive/negative experience giving their dog trifexis/comfortis, i'd love to hear about it, and I'd also be interested in hearing opinions on dogs having pesticides in their blood for month should be concerning in regards to the dogs overall health.

Thanks so much in advance!!
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