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Raw Diet / Protein Level

Hi Guys,

I have a question. I feed my 9 months old GSD raw with combination of Embark honest kitchen. I basically add raw meat to his honest kitchen and based on how much raw he gets or what exactly I change the amount of honest kitchen he gets. I have some issues with my puppy nothing major at this time, however the vet said I need to watch his protein level. He said he maybe growing too fast and I maybe giving him food that's too rich in a protein. I buy all my meat from My Pet Carnivore and I rotate his protein. Here is what I usually buy and feed him: rabbit, fish, duck, beef, turkey, lamb, goat, mutant, and a little bit of chicken. I try to stay away from chicken but I give him chicken feet as a snack as I was told its good for their joints and I give him beef and lamb bones to chew maybe every other weekend. I don't make it a habit with bones but give it to him every so often. Sometimes he gets a little bit of loose stool from bones so I try to stay away from them and limit what I give him and how much. He is also on the following supplements: wholistic canine complete supplement, wholistic probiotics, wholistic salmon fish oil, and I just started him on missing link. I also give him one raw egg with the shell every other day. Please tell me what am I doing wrong and/or what do I need to do to control protein? I look at all the packages and the protein level is not that much although I found that the salmon oil has 27% of protein. I only give him one or two pumps which equals to 1 tea spoon. I used to give him 3 pumps but someone told me I give him too much of it so I cut down. What are your thoughts? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

P.S I feed 3 times a day.
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