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Transporting in car...

How do you transport your dogs in your vehicle? Crate , loose , lapbelt thingy ?

I had him loose in the back of my SUV ...and I just had to return the lease and did not realize he chewed through all 3 3rd row seatbelts . He was pretty stealth about it! Anyway , he goes everywhere with me. I just got a new vehicle and it is not quite and SUV..more like a Subaru type wagon ( a Lincoln MKT ) .

I do not want him chewing stuff in the new vehicle and besides the crate is admittedly safer. I underestimated how big it was though and he can't stand up in the rear of the car without having to airplane his ears like Yoda. I put a wire crate in there that is 26" tall which is about what he is at the withers. It is smaller than what I would normally put him in , but it hits the roof of the wagon. He can stand up and turn around in the crate no problem so I am hoping he will be fine. He gets a stuffed kong for trips.

Anyway , I was wondering if anyone else had any other tricks/solutions they have tried and was also wondering if any of those crate cooling systems were worth it an helped at all. Obviously I ride with the air on and or windows open..but sometimes it still seems like the back does not get as cool on real hot days. They all got mediocre reviews on Amazon. I was thinking of maybe just a regular portable fan back there?

Input appreciated

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